New Island Theory : Poptropica Scandinavian Island

by Thinknoodles on March 7, 2012

I think that the next island will be Poptropica Scandinavia Island. It might be called something different (or I might have gotten that part right too), but based on all the information I’ve looked at in the “Daily Pop”, I am pretty confident that it will be a Scandinavian Island! Bear with me and I’ll explain which pictures and information have led me to this theory.

The first picture in the “Daily POP” that led me to this theory is the one on the upper-right that had the “Beware the Nøkken” sign in it. I didn’t know what the Nøkken was, so I found the following information in the Mythical Creatures GuideNøkken or Puken as he sometimes is called, is a dangerous and manipulative creature from Norwegian (Norway) folklore. The word ”Nøkk” comes from old Norse meaning seahorse. He roams in rivers, small waters and seas. In tales he live in waters with water lilies, so it would be easier to lure people closer to the water, especially children who wanted to pick the lilies.

The next 2 pictures that helped me come to this conclusion were the one with the runes and the one advertising Björn’s Smörgåsbord. A Smörgåsbord is a Scandinavian lunch or dinner, served as a buffet, and originally came from Sweden. I did a little research on runes and found that runes and runic writing have been discovered in various parts of Scandinavia.

Finally come the pictures of the ruins, which threw me for a minute, but the water around the color image and the caption on the black and white image (The City Will Rise) made me think about the Lost City of Atlantis. A quick search on Wikipedia turned up the following: In 1679 Olaus Rudbeck wrote Atland (Atlantica), where he argues that Scandinavia, specifically Sweden, is identical with Atlantis. According to Rudbeck the capital city of Atlantis was identical to the ancient burial site of Swedish kings Gamla Uppsala.

It seems that every picture so far fits with the Scandinavian theme, so we may be seeing Poptropica Scandinavian Island next! What do you think?

Taya March 9, 2012 at 5:47 pm

i made a video in reply to what u wrote i so totally agree with u :P gret job i <3 the story check mine out

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